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Paint your ZM floor tiles faster, more accurately and get gaming quicker on a painted board!

This set includes 11x 0.3mm Plasticard stencils that will allow you to airbrush all the details on GW ZM/Necromunda floor tiles.

They are flexible enough to manipulate in place and don’t break apart when wet. This set is best used when batch painting multiple board sections and allows for a very fast and accurate ‘production line’.

I used this set to paint my own board and in the space of a couple of hours I was able to airbrush all the trim/details of 24 ZM tiles.

Postage is £2.00 to anywhere in the world.

Happy Painting

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Weight 00.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 11 cm

3 reviews for ZM STENCIL KIT

  1. ATC

    I’d really love to get a set; any idea when these will come back to stock?

    • David Braines

      Hi, there should be more stock early next week. I’m just waiting on a delivery. Apologies

  2. Charlie Kulczyk (verified owner)

    Makes the process of painting ZM 10x quicker!

  3. Frederic Rougy (verified owner)

    Very nice, perfect to paint your tiles faster

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