The30kchannel is a channel dedicated to games set in
the Horus Heresy

My name is David Braines and I am addicted to this hobby! In all honestly I wish wasn’t but I can’t get enough of it! It’s with this passion and drive and the fact I had so much of it, drove me down this road.

I moved back to the UK from New Zealand 5 years ago where I started playing X-wing, an amazing game but I wanted more. I collected a very large 40k Renegade Imperial Guard army  which I loved.

Then Forgeworld started producing Mechanicum models, once i clapped eyes on the Castellax I knew there and then it was Mechanicum and Heresy all the way. The Guard were sold and a whole heap of Mechanicum was purchased.

The channel came about because I thought I had something different to offer. When I get involved in a project I go in both feet first, I do everything I can to give it the best chance it could possibly have, that way if It fails I can say I did my best.

Getting to this point has been hard work, and to know people around the world are watching something I have made is such an amazing and humbling feeling. Without subscriptions and ultimately support from this community I could not continue, it’s as simple as that. Producing games at this level is very expensive!

I am so grateful to the guys who in some cases travel great distances to feature on the channel. I have a pretty specific way of how I want the games to be produced, on average a game takes 8 hours to film and a further 6 hours to edit. It’s a tough day for everyone involved but it’s well worth it. But then I would say that!

I’m constantly on the look out for new, well painted and themed armies to appear on the channel. If this is you please contact me via ‘Talk to us’ tab. I would love to hear from you.